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Randyman Productions was
born early 2005 out of pure
frustration due to Randy
Robinson being constantly
disappointed with poor
quality DJ playing at friends
and family functions.

Welcome to Randyman Productions

DJ and Live Entertainer in Leeds

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I got in touch with some of my mobile and club DJ friends and shadowed them like an apprentice until I learned the trade.

I invested in some good quality equipment and acquired a extensive collection of music to suit all tastes, and DJ Randyman was born, and the rest is history.

So if you want a DJ that cares about you and your event, then gives us a ring or email me and we will endevour to make your night, truly a night to remember
If you’d like to discuss your event with one of our caring staff, call us on 07402 689021.
Too often they would not have the tunes requested or at least something close to what was requested. All too often they would turn up with inadequate quality equipment, or equipment breaking down and no back up system. Or a DJ that quite frankly looked as though they had just got out of rehab or primary school.

It was my duty to rectify the situation, as a Live Performer on bongo’s, having played for several years along side other DJ, I had the perfect opportunity to watch and learn the trade from some of the best DJ’s around but also to watch some of the worse DJ’s around.

My opportunity came whilst playing on bongos in a
club, when the DJ was taken ill suddenly and had to go home. Having no replacement DJ, the manager was looking at closing the venue, until I stepped upto the mark and went on the decks, after a wobbly start, getting use to the equipment I managed to get through the night very successfully, from there on in, I had the taste for it.

I bought some second hand equipment and practiced and practiced until I felt as comfortable DJ-ing as what I did playing bongos
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